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No. Chemical Name
Package Application
018   Nicosulfuron 25kg/drum tobacco,control the grow of tobacco,contr
019   Glyphosate 25kg/drum cotton,weeds
060   Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 25kg/drum field of soybeans,weeds
061   Butralin 25kg/steel drum Peanuts field,weeds
062   Cyhalofop-butyl 25kg/steel drum tea garden,weeds
063   Clodinafop-propargyl 25kg/drum Wheat-land, weeds
064   Bensulfuron methyl 25kg/drum Rice, corn field, weeds
065   Glufosinate ammonium 25kg/drum Orange, rice, weeds
066   Propisochlor 25kg/drum Corn, soybean, weeds
067   Metolachlor 25kg/drum Corn, peanut, soybean, weeds
068   Tribenuron-methyl 25kg/drum Wheat, weeds
069   Fluazifop-P 25kg/drum Soybean, cotton, peanut, weeds
071   Cloransulam - soybean
072   Florasulam - winter wheat
073   Fenclorime - rice

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