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Lan-Crystal Biotechnology Co,Ltd., is a professional Bio-products and chemicals service provider which integrates R&D, manufacturing and distribute for the crop protection products. Founded in 2011.

Since the founding,Lan-agro devotes to Green Crop protection products, provideshigh quality R&D service. Recently, Lan-agro has developed new biological pesticide, fertilizer, plant extract among other non-chemical crop protection products. The listed product " Bacillus Subtilis " technical material and formulation is already on the market, " Bacillus Subtilis " is a bio-fungicide, having effective antimicrobial activities on various bacteria and extremely anti-adversity ability. The technical and manufacture process are in a leading level at domestic or abroad.

Bacillus subtilis controls plant diseases with bio-control mechanism including competition, antagonism, baeteriolysis, inducing plants to produce resistance and promoting plants growth. it is safe for human and no environmental pollution, in addition, it is unlikely to drug resistance, and has efficient broad-spectrum, Therefore, It conforms to the demand to prevention and controlling plant disease on the agricultural production in modern society. The main control objects are plant diseases caused by filamentous fungi, such Rice blast disease, Rice sheath blight, Rice False Smut, Tomato Leaf Mould and so on. It also shows good inhibitory effect on tobacco, pseudo-ginseng, flowers, wheat, cabbage and other susceptible to soil-borne disease crops.

Besides, Bacillus subtilis is made into microbial additives, used for improving animal intestinal function, promoting the animal growth and preventing disease. Compared with other bio-control bacteria agents, bacillus subtilis shows greater development potential and broad application prospect.

Lan-agro maintains close communication with our customers. Our current clients exist throughout the worldside includingEuropean Union countries, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North Africa and other countries and regions.

Lan-agro has enhanced our people and facilities to meet the needs of our customers, And also provides manufacturing and distribute crop protection products.

The mission of Lan-agro is to provide the highest quality R&D, manufacturing and distribute services, willing to together with you to promote the worldwide of organic green enviromental agrochemical products and toward a more splendid and glorious tomorrow.

Research & Development (R&D): Lan-agro has kinds of processing equipments for strains preservation, activation, propagation and small and medium-sized fermentation and the corresponding concentration, drying, testing. Lan-agro have developed the production technology of orginal biological pesticide including Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus firmus, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus pumilus and Bacillus laterosporus etc.

Lan-agro has obtained a number of Pesticide Registration Certificates including Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus thuringiensis, Glyphosate and so on.

Manufacturing: Except for manufacuring and operation theprivate labels of crop protection products named Lan-agro, lan-agro also provides development and manufacturing, such as customized product, optimized the existing routes of crop protection product to expand the scale of production, manufacturing of intermediates to hundreds of kilograms scale, processing a variety of dosage forms and other processing business.

Distribute&Registration: According to the requirements of the importing country, provides relevant documents to the importer for product import registration, to meet different market needs. Recently, Lan-agro has offered documents to the customers from Peru, Mexico, and help them to complete product import registration.

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