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Bacillus Subtilis
Trade Name:Bacillus Subtilis
Application:rice blast, rice sheath blight, Rice False Smut, Verticillium wilts of cotton etc.
Specification300-500 billion viable spore/g TK
Method of application foliar spraying, water-mixed irrigating
    Bacillus Subtilis is a new Bio-fungicide. with the action mechanism of competition, antagonism, baeteriolysis, inducing plants to produce resistance and promoting plants growth.
    it is safe for human and no environmental pollution, in addition, it is unlikely to drug resistance, and has efficient broad-spectrum, Therefore, It conforms to the demand to prevention and controlling plant disease on the agricultural production in modern society.
    The main control objects are plant diseases caused by filamentous fungi, such Rice blast disease, Rice sheath blight, Rice False Smut, Tomato Leaf Mould, Soybean root rot, Apple Mould Core, Cotton Fusarium Wilt and so on. It also shows good inhibitory effect on tobacco, pseudo-ginseng, flowers, wheat, cabbage and other susceptible to soil-borne disease crops.  
    It also can be made into microbial additives, used for improving animal intestinal function, promoting the animal growth and preventing disease.
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