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CAC2018 Ended Successfully
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The CAC2018 have been held successfully at Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 7th March to 9th March 2018. During these three days, the exhibitions have attracted one thousand more exhibiting companies from more than 20 countries and regions, over 30,000 visitors from over 120 countries and regions

In the CAC2018 exhibition, Lan-Crystal has exhibited various agrochemical and biological products, and has attracted a lot of domestic and foreign customers. All those sincere conversations have created solid bonds between customers and us.

A number of customers showed interest in bio-fungicides sun as bacillus subtilis, brassinolide, kasugamycin and so on. Both sides had abundant discussion about the usage and future of bio-fungicides.

Lan-agro is to provide the highest quality R&D, manufacturing and distribute services, willing to cooperate with you to promote the worldwide organic green enviromental agrochemical market and go towards a more splendid and glorious tomorrow

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