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No. Chemical Name
Package Application
016   Etofenprox 25kg/drum rice,rice planthopper
017   Bifenthrin 25kg/drum rice ,vegetables ,mite
018   Nicosulfuron 25kg/drum tobacco,control the grow of tobacco,contr
019   Glyphosate 25kg/drum cotton,weeds
020   Mancozeb 25kg/drum rice,banded sclerotial blight
021   Kresoxim - methyl 25kg/drum -
022   Paclobutrazol 25kg/drum cotton,forced ripening
023   Uniconazole 25kg/drum paddy,wheat
024   Chitosan oligosaccharide 25kg/drum Tomato, pear, rice, tobacco, corn, cabbage, cotton
025   Polyoxin 25kg/drum Pseudoperonospora cubensis, Botrytis cinerea, tobacco brown spot, Alternaria brassicae
026   Validamycin 25公斤/桶 Rice, corn, cotton, soybean, vegetable
027   Kasugamycin 25kg/drum Rice, tomato, orange
028   Bacillus thuringiensis Var. Kurstaki 25kg/drum Lepidoptera (caterpillar) pests
029   Pyrethrins 25kg/drum cruciferae vegetables, Aphid, tobacco, flower, tea
030   Rotenone 200L/steel drum pakchoi,snail

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